with Jess Holsman

A web series exploring mental health and mindfulness, starring YouTuber Jessica Holsman.


Mind Full: Part 1

Everyday, Jessica Holsman - or “Study With Jess” as she’s known to her YouTube subscribers - sees comments or messages from her followers as they struggle with exam stress, anxiety, negative self-worth, and the everyday pressures of life.

In Part 1 of the series, Jess sets off to discover how she can make a real difference when it comes to her viewer’s mental health, meeting with e-mental health researcher Bridianne O’Dea from the Black Dog Institute and conducting a small focus group to see just what it is her viewers like - and dislike - about her content.

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Check your anxiety levels


Managing anxiety & stress

Mind Full: Part 2

Social media can have a huge negative effect on how we feel about our own self-worth. Jess meets with Bridianne and Tim Lucas, a neurofeedback specialist from the Sydney Neurofeedback Centre, to discuss this issue of self comparison and what we can do to declutter our feeds from this potentially harmful content.


How well do you know yourself?


Don't let your feed affect your feels

Mind Full: Part 3

After her brain scan, Jess meets with Bridi and shares that she’s often struggled with perfectionism and anxiety, and that she wants to look at some techniques she can use to help her manage these concerns. To do this, Jess visits Martha Tsakalos, a psychologist from The Indigo Project, and together they explore how to harness these anxieties for good.

Jess learns a lot about herself and decides it’s time to reset and relax. She takes a trip home to Melbourne, where she visits her sister and parents, to fill them in on her progress.


What can you be positive about?

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How to build your strengths

Mind Full: Part 4

Having learnt quite a bit about her own mental health at this point in her journey, Jess wants to start giving back to her audience and provide them with some online resources and apps that can help them with their own mental health concerns. But there’s so many apps out there! Jess speaks with Bridi who suggests she meet with David Bakker from MoodMission and Dr. Addie Wootten from Smiling Mind to learn what it is that e-mental health tools can offer.


How mindful are you?


How to be more mindful

Mind Full: Part 5

In one final meeting with Bridi, Jess reflects on on all the information she's gathered throughout her wellness journey, and the many new experiences and conversations she’s had with the people she’s met along the way.

Afterwards, Jess meets with Mary Hoang, founder of The Indigo Project, and together the two of them figure out a plan for Jess to create an offline community of content creators who champion authenticity, vulnerability and mental health awareness.  

Following on from Mary’s suggestions, Jess sets up a small dinner party. As the night progresses, the open, honest conversation flows and Jess realises - with great excitement - that this is only the beginning.


Take a mental fitness check-up

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